Retriever Training

At Triple Quest Kennels we specialize in retriever training at all levels. Whether your dog is a beginner, and needs basic training, or you are looking for something more advanced, Triple Quest Kennels has the knowledge and experience to provide your dog with the best possible training. We use positive reinforcement, and we are flexible in our training methods. All of our training sessions are structured around the temperament of your dogs. The better your dog's attitude is about training, the more effective it will be! The cost is $750 per month plus birds, and includes boarding.

Basic Obedience and Yard Work

  • Basic Obedience to include sit, here, heel and area stay
  • Hold, Force Fetch and Walking Fetch
  • Marking Drills
  • 3 Handed Casting, Sit to the Whistle
  • Electronic Collar Conditioning

Basic Retriever Training

  • Force to the Pile
  • Double T
  • 3 Legged Lining Drill
  • Swim-by and Water Force
  • Water Blinds
  • Marking Drills, Singles, Doubles and Triples, Two Down the Shore
  • Cheating Singles-Land and Water
  • Handling Drills
  • Steady to Shot

Advanced Retriever Training

  • Tune up Drills
  • Diversion
  • Cold Blinds
  • Advanced Blinds
  • Advanced Marks
  • A fully trained hunting dog is a dog that can do multiple marks and handle.  Steady to shot and will honor another dog.
  • Fully trained dog would have Senior or Master AKC Hunt Test title

Requirements for Entering Training Program

  • Current on all vaccinations to include Bordatella (nasal vaccine against kennel cough)
  • Free from parasites and current on heartworm preventative
  • First month of training is due at the time of delivery
  • Monthly training fees must be kept current
  • Training contract signed and dated
  • Client participation is encouraged and recommended