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Sorol Retrievers

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Sonya has been breeding dual purpose Labrador Retriever since 1989. She understands the importance of titles at both ends of the dog’s name. A Labrador must be structurally sound, good temperament and have trainability to perform its job. Regardless of the career the dog may have in its life, at some point he or she will become a companion to someone. He or she therefore, must have liveability.

Due to Sonya’s back ground in confirmation dogs, Sonya knows the importance of angulation, bone and coat in your field trial bred dogs. A dog that is not structurally sound has the potential of breaking down at a much earlier age in comparison to a dog with proper structure, angulation and balance.

Sonya has been training dogs for 28 years. The cost of the puppy is the cheapest part of your investment. In her experience a dog purchased from a breeder that is concerned about trainability and temperament will take less time to train and maintain than a dog that was bred by a backyard breeder. An ethical breeder will raise the puppies correctly, keeping the mother and puppies clean, making it easier to housebreak the puppy when it goes to its new home. Early socialization is critical to development. Temperament testing increases your odds in getting a puppy that will fit in your household and due the job that you desire. Puppies that do not go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks must me separated from each other.

Sonya’s goal is to breed a dual Champion. She is breeding two lines of Labradors. The first line of dogs are bred with the emphasis on conformation then workability. Working can include competing in hunt tests, hunting, obedience trials or tracking. These dogs will have a tendency to calmer than a field trial bred dog. They are ideal for the hunt test enthusiast, weekend hunter and people looking for a family companion. These dogs can successfully complete their Master Hunter Title. With each generation, Sonya works towards breeding a dog that can successfully compete in field trials.

Second line of dogs are bred with the emphasis on workability then confirmation. A field dog must have proper front and rear angulation and be balanced. This will help prevent injury in the field and ensure longevity as a working dog. A proper coat will protect the dog from cold water in hunting conditions.

All of Sonya’s breeding stock have been OFA hips and elbows, eyes checked by an opthalmologist, optigen, and CNM. They all have full dentures. Anything that Sonya breeds to must also have completed these tests.